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Our Sauce


Bailss is a unique sauce made of paprika with an original taste.
How to make a sauce from paprika that can be served cold as an addition to meat, grills, sandwiches, sausages, roasted meats, crisps, nachos and hot stews such as rice, pasta, donuts, ribs, tortillas, kebabs, fish, fries?
So you should ask the owners and originators of a sauce Bailss. However due to the unique taste and unique production process they will not share this mystery with You.


Bailss is for everyone

Sauce Bailss is often used as an addition to hot sauces to emphasize and give them a unique flavor. This sauce is for the different age groups for every women who cook dinners for the whole family as well as sandwiches, chips, ham or nachos. This is a universal product that everyone can afford absolutely. What is Bailss Paprika Sauce? First of all, this is a 100% natural product without any artificial thickeners or preservatives. Originators attach great importance to the naturalness of the products they produce. Thanks to the fact that the product is 100% natural it is adapted to every age group both older and younger. .