This is how we do it

Main ingredients

Ingredient quality check

First of all they pay attention to the quality of the ingredients such as paprika, tomatoes and even chili and garlic. Every product is carefully checked and verified after the receiving from the local farmers. If the company purchases from the other plantation than both sides should sign the appropriate agreements to verify the quality and the origin of the buying ingredients.



The second step is to start production and to control it at every stage. All production is based on the verification of each production stage through the control according to the HACCP system. The production facility is divided into different zones which are constantly monitored. The owners of the sauce pay particular attention to the quality of the sauce by choosing the right ingridients and the unique spices as well as to the production process which is combined with the natural way of pasteurizing the product. It allows to maintain its shelf life for a long time without using any artificial preservatives.

Final product test

At the final stage of production, we check whether our sauce meets all high requirements. That is why Bailss has such a high quality, always the same taste and is 100% natural.